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Run 2.2 for 22q

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2024 Annual Fundraiser

Annual Virtual Walk/Run with The 22q Family Foundation

Annual Walk with Jayce

We wanted to share a little bit about Jayce and his genetic disorder, so why not invite some of our closest friends and family to join us for an intimate walk through a nice park.

We can share in friendship and in learning more about 22q and how it can disrupt Jayce's life and many others who are living and thriving with 22q.

Join Us on

Sunday May 19, 2024

Run 2.2 for 22q

Let's get to walking/running on 5/19/23 to raise awareness and funds for 22q.

Help us turn this virtual event into a reality...

On Sunday May 21, 2023. We are going to take on an intimate walk/stroll through the park to celebrate 22q.

Not only is it a great way to get moving, but we can become united and learn a little more about 22q.

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some info on 22q

22q is the second most common genetic disorder after down syndrome, yet it's less known and harder to diagnose. 22q has a rate of occurrence in 1 in 2,000 births and is found in 1 of 68 children with a heart defect.

  • 75% of all individuals with 22q have a heart defect
  • 75% have differences in their palate that affect their

speech and often create nasal regulation.

  • 35% have significant feeding and swallowing problems,
  • 77% have immunodeficiency

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May 19, 2024



@ 9.00am

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$22.00 per Family

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Run 2.2

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We Wear Red

In honor of 22q, We Wear Red.

It would be so awesome to see you out at the Walk/Run supporting 22q in Red.

It will also make for an AMAZING Group Picture!!!

*shirts will not be available at the event. if you wish to purchase,

you can do so online after the 2023 Annual Run/walk.



with your participation and support of the 22q community we have been able to raise the following through this annual run 2.2 FOR 22Q event.



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